Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of wood do you use?

Birch and maple, mostly. I alternate between handmade (by me, that is) birch panels, pre-made birch and maple panels, and solid poplar. I use a jigsaw and Dremel to do cutouts. 


What media do you use?

Watered down acrylics, colored pencils, and gouache. I also use acrylic ink when I paint on watercolor paper. I have been known to use oil paint occasionally.


Where do you get your inspiration?

It can't be pinned down to a single source, but namely scientific illustration, world myths and folklore, videos games, pop culture, and cartoons. And skulls.


Why skulls?

Why not?


How long have you been an artist?

Unlike most other artists, I didn't really start getting into art and drawing until my late teens. I drew as a kid, but who didn't? I've been selling art for 10 years now.


How do you feel about people getting tattoos of your work?

I think it's great and I want to see a picture when it's finished!


Do you do tattoos?

No, sorry.


Where did you get your prints/decks/books/etc made?

I make all of my prints and prints on wood in my studio. I don't share my printing and publishing contacts. Making your own contacts is part of the fun!


I saw someone copying/selling/posting your art somewhere.

Contact me privately about it. I'm not a fan of online witch hunts.


Will you help me with my Kickstarter project?

Probably, but you've got to give me a week or two before you launch so I can have time to look it over and give you some advice. 


Will you ever do a show in (my city)?

I'm always looking for new places to go and new art festivals. If you know of one near you, let me know about it!


Will you send me a deck/book/art for me to review for my blog?